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Community Events

Events listed on this page are not Harvard Club of San Francisco events, but events that we believe are of interest to our members. Please note the registration and contact information for each event, as HCSF does not handle event reservations for these events.

Global Technology Symposium 2016
Inspiring What's Next

March 31 - April 1, 2016
St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

New technologies and business models are upending established industries, pressuring businesses to adapt to an ever-changing "brave new world." The 2016 Global Technology Symposium (GTS), themed "Inspiring What's Next," will bring leaders from around the world to Silicon Valley to brainstorm what inspires us today and what's next for tomorrow.

Day one features an array of thought leaders sharing their predictions about our exciting future in fields ranging from neuroscience to transportation to economics, and everything in between. The day concludes with an exclusive GTS VIP dinner, featuring a surprise guest speaker. Day two explores megatrends such as breakthrough business models, marketing to "digital natives," innovation by incumbents, redefining leadership, and much more. GTS wraps up with the annual Global Innovator Competition (GIC), known for introducing cutting-edge global startups to Silicon Valley.

In addition, on March 30, GTS is proud to present Global Innovator Competition, our annual pre-Symposium pitch competition organized in conjunction with the world's leading accelerators. GIC is the Symposium's most energizing event, bringing promising entrepreneurs from all over the world together to present transformational products and visions. This year, 10 startups will be chosen to compete based on their potential for industry disruption.

GTS is Silicon Valley's leading investment conference on global venture capital, technology and entrepreneurship. For more than a decade, GTS has brought business leaders, policymakers, and hot startups together to explore how to leverage globalization and identify hot new ideas in every corner of the world.

Harvard alumni and friends in the Bay Area can attend at a discounted rate of $100 off the standard ticket price.

Interested parties can register at You can claim the discount by entering code HARVARD2016.

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