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Men's Custom Clothing Appointments (all day Wed & Thur)

Wednesday & Thursday
Room 2748
Marriott Marquis
55 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Wednesday, March 13th


Thursday, March 14th

9am to 8pm (by appointment only)
Book a 30min appointment

Price: FREE

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Once you've tried custom made clothing, you'll never go back. Everyone's proportions are slightly different, and off-the-rack clothes simply don't fit anyone perfectly.

Empire International ( is a custom tailor in the British tradition serving the diplomats and expatriates of Hong Kong. In addition to seeing clients in their shop, they do occasional US and European tours, and this time around, the HCSF have booked Anthony for three whole days. Reserve your private 30 minute appointment with Anthony where he will take your shoulder photos and a long list of precision measurements. Fresh from Luxembourg and Amsterdam, he will bring 5000 fabric samples for you to choose from.

While there is no obligation to buy, the prices are unbelievable. You will pay less for these custom made clothes than you would have paid off the rack. High quality shirts can cost as little as $45. Suits, sport coats, trousers, tuxedos, overcoats, and all other men's items are available. Within a few weeks, Empire will ship you one item from your order to check fit. If you are pleased, the rest of your order will follow quickly. Future web orders are easy since Empire will have your measurements and photos on file. Several Harvard Club members are long time clients of Empire tailors and gladly recommend the the service.

(Tip: Bring favorite items that might be worn out. Anthony can use these to help you choose fabrics and designs.)

(Tip: Plan ahead. Think of all the items and styles you might need for different occasions, and come with a list.)

To allow for exact measurements, please bring the dress shoes you would plan to wear with dress pants. Also, it is easier to take exact measurements if you wear (or bring) well-fitting dress pants to the fitting rather than baggy pants or shorts.

Female members: Unfortunately the tailor visiting us from Empire International specializes in men's clothing. He is covering his own transportation to and accommodation in San Francisco. If you would like to organize an event like this for female clothing, and you have contact with a female clothing tailor who is in or will be in San Francisco, the HCSF would be glad to publicize another similar event.

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