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The HCSF needs you to enrich our club with your interests, your passions, your involvement. There are many ways to do this:

1) The simplest way is to come to some of our activities. Each month, we organize as many as a dozen lectures, discussions, walks, hikes, runs, mixers, cultural opportunities, treasure hunts - Pick some events that are of interest, and come meet some of the most diverse and interesting people in the Bay Area. This is your chance to continue to stretch your mind, have some fun, and expand your circle of friends and acquaintances.

2) Volunteer your time - There are a number of volunteer opportunities; check out our Community Service Committee, or our Admissions Interview (Schools) Committee. This is your chance to give back, and share some of the good fortune you have enjoyed, while enriching your soul.

3) Join one of our planning committees and help organize some events yourself. All of our events are put together by your fellow alumni, all volunteers. Whether your interests lie in the Activities Committee, the Community Service Committee or the Schools Committee, your help is needed and appreciated.

4) Do you have any special skills or connections from which the Club might benefit? Do you belong to a firm that might be interested in sponsoring a program or buying a table at our Annual Dinner? Let us know - we are always looking for help in making the Club bigger and better.

5) Make sure, if you haven't already done so, to become a member. Join here and you will receive our regular event updates and reminders, member reduced rates to our activities, admission to member-only events, and access to our member lists and bulletin boards. We will benefit from your involvement - and you will also!

Would you like to organize an event? Please read our Activities Guide for Event Organizers: HCSF Activities Guide (PDF)

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